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Light and deliciously crispy, lachedar paratha is an ideal accompaniment to hearty Indian dals and

curries. This paratha version uses healthy whole-wheat flour and can be made suitable for vegan

cooking by using oil instead of ghee.


Serves 2 -3


250ml Water 2 cups wheat flour 1 to 2 teaspoon ghee or oil (use oil for Vegan option) salt as required water as required for kneading ghee or oil as required for applying on the dough as well as roasting


1. Combine all the dry ingredients for the dough, add ghee/oil and water in parts and knead to a smooth dough, add more water if required for the dough. Cover the dough and keep aside for 20 minutes. 2. Divide the dough into equal sized dough balls.

3. Lightly dust a medium sized ball of dough.

4. Roll it into 6 to 7 inches diameter thin disc. sprinkle flour while rolling.

5. Apply ghee or oil liberally on the paratha disc.

6. Sprinkle some whole wheat flour/atta on top.

7. From the edge start folding and pleating.

8. Keep on pleating to look like a paper fan. do this till you come to the end.

9. Roll the pleated dough in a tight cirlce. join the edges.

10. Dust some flour and now start rolling again.

11. The Rolled lachedar paratha ready to be put on tawa or griddle.

12. Heat the tawa. place the paratha on the hot tawa.

13. Turn the lachha paratha when one side is partly cooked.

14. Apply ghee on this side, now turn again and apply ghee on the other side. flip again for a couple of times, till the parathas are browned evenly and well cooked.

COOKS NOTE: Press the sides with the spatula while frying the parathas. alternatively, you could also add some ghee on the tava and then fry the lachedar parathas.


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