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Coriander Leaves (Dhaniya)

Coriander (Known as Cilantro in the USA)

From the Cori plant that is native to the Mediterranean. We have already covered the seeds and powder in a separate post but thought it would be covering the leaves separately as well as they are one of the most common ingredients in curry making.

Coriander Leaves

While the seeds produce a sweet, woody aroma and a mellow, warm flavour, coriander leaves produce a citrus flavour, completely different to the taste of the seeds.

Coriander leaves are a favourite in just about all south Asian food but especially so in Indian and Pakistani cooking. They are used raw to garnish lots well known dishes in many other cuisines and must be used fresh to keep the flavour.

They are very commonly available in almost every supermarket and green grocers so are easy to get hold of. You can even grow your own if you are using it a lot. Fresh is always best and is the only real option when using as a garnish.

Health benefits

The leaves contain antioxidant properties. The seeds can help with diabetes and lowering cholesterol. The juices from the plant, mixed with turmeric powder or mint juice can also treat acne.

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