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Featuring fried tender chicken kofta balls in a rich and perfectly spiced gravy, this restaurant quality

curry is hearty and delicious. It’s an indulgent dish that’s guaranteed to wow at a dinner party. Enjoy it with your favourite pilau, roti’s or warm nan bread.

Serves 4


500 gm minced chicken 4 medium chopped onion 1/2 tablespoon crushed to paste ginger 1/2 tablespoon crushed to paste garlic 1/2 cup tomato puree 1/2 cup beaten yoghurt 1/2 teaspoon coriander powder 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder 1 teaspoon garam masala powder 1 teaspoon red chilli 1/4 cup mustard oil 3 pinches salt 1 pinch powdered black pepper

1.5 cups of water 1 handful chopped coriander leaves


1. Season the minced chicken with salt and pepper and keep aside.

2. Heat oil and saute the onions, followed by the ginger garlic paste. After 5 minutes add in the tomato puree along with the coriander and cumin powder.

3. Add red chilli and cook till oil separates from masala, add in the garam masala now and give it a good stir.

4. Take a tbsp of this masala and add it to the raw minced chicken, mix well.

5. Now add the curd to the masala in the pan over a low heat, add 1.5 cups of water water to make a gravy and, let simmer over low heat.

6. Meanwhile shape the mince mixture into small sized balls. Heat a tbsp of oil till moderately hot. Fry the kofta balls till golden, drain and keep aside. Add any leftover oil to the simmering masala mixture to enrich the gravy.

7. Add the fried kofta balls to the simmering gravy, check seasoning and let simmer for 10 minutes until the kofta's are tender. Garnish with fresh coriander.

Serve with Nan, Rice or Roti.


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