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9 Surprising Ways to Cook With Yogurt

While you might be used to enjoying a pot of yogurt with breakfast or as a snack, there’s so much

more to this rich and tangy dairy product! Low in fat and high in both protein and calcium, yogurt is a healthy alternative to cream and mayonnaise. And it’s a super-versatile ingredient that can make both sweet and savoury dishes more delicious.

Check out 9 great ways you can use yogurt in your own cooking:

1. Use it as a Marinade

The lactic acid in yogurt tenderises meat and fish, so it’s perfect as a base for a tangy marinade.

Simply add lemon, minced garlic and spices to plain yogurt, stir, add the meat and marinate for up to 24 hours.

2. Blend it With Fruit to Make a Smoothie

Smoothies made with fresh or frozen fruit are packed full of vitamins, but yogurt makes them extra

creamy and even more nutritious. Blend fruit of your choice with yogurt and crushed ice, and top

with fruit, nuts or chia seeds.

3. Turn it in to a Dip

A healthy alternative to mayonnaise, plain yogurt makes tangy dips everyone will love. Simply add

herbs or spices of your choice, seasoning and a squeeze of lime. And for a dip with a spicy kick,

combine plain yogurt with chilli sauce.

4. Make a Frozen Treat

It’s easy to make healthy yogurt pops to satisfy a sweet tooth! Mix honey-sweetened yogurt with

fruit, pour into moulds and freeze until solid. And if you’ve room in your freezer, creamy yogurt bark

is easy to make too. Spread your mixture onto a tray, top with more fruit, nuts and chocolate chips.

Freeze until solid then snap into pieces.

5. Create a Perfect Parfait

For a healthy breakfast or dessert, make a parfait using yogurt instead of whipped cream. Layer

yogurt with your favourite fruits and whole-grain cereal or granola.

6. Use it in Baking

Did you know yogurt is the secret ingredient for making perfectly moist cakes and quick breads?

Simply add it to cake batter. You can even combine yogurt with cream to make rich, tangy icing for

the outside of the cake.

7. Swirl it in Soups

Give veggie soups like tomato or mushroom extra creaminess without the cream, and swirl in some

Greek yogurt before serving.

8. Swap it For Cream in Your Favourite Sauces

Whether you’re creating a pasta sauce, stroganoff or curry, you can use yogurt in place of cream or milk. Just take care to add it at the end of cooking, and lower the temperature to a gentle heat to

avoid curdling.

9. Make a Zingy Salad Dressing

The tang of plain yogurt is a wonderfully refreshing accompaniment to crisp and zesty salads. Create a dressing with a glug of olive oil, seasoning and a dash of water. And for a creamier version, combine with mustard.